Checkout innovating zmm

Check out simplicity of installation any extension written in Zephir!

  • zmm: wget -c && chmod +x && sudo mv /usr/local/bin/zmm
  • install zephir: sudo zmm install --zephir
  • install module: sudo zmm install elastica master

For elastica and few other projects published on github on Oct 4, 2014 there is no need to use repo url.

sudo zmm install elastica


Great addition!

edited Oct '14

I've updated installer. Right now start-up commands are:

  • sudo zmm install --zephir
  • sudo zmm install phalcon


  • make individual list of modules and store it on or in repo along with Zmm will periodically check it for new versions and cache.
  • build packages for most popular systems like: ubuntu, debian, arch. Distrubuting in packages resolves problem with dependencies needed for compiling zephir.

Default paths are:

  • for modules - /var/cache/zmm/modules/[module name]/ - linux, C:\zmm\cache - win
  • for zephir - /usr/local/src/zephir/ - linux, C:\zmm\zephir - win

Added makefile, so just download archive of master, unzip and run sudo make install.