What is future of Zephir?

Zephir is pretty solution than C. Because PHP's internals very terrible and ambiguous with C and macro hell.

There are some questions in my mind about Zephir on long term.

Zephir is a new language and should consume effort to learn and adapt to its behavior. It's not desirable because Zephir looks like domain specific language and it is not universal -for me- currently.

What about portability? There are some processors architectures. What about interoperability? There is a HHVM reality and looks like HHVM going to takeover of PHP's throne in long term.

CPP is universal and too desirable because there are too many developers who known CPP, there are mature toolchains and in active development state by wide society. Also better design to implement structures of PHP's internals. There are overloading and template instead of macro hell. Interoperability with HHVM is too possible because HHVM and HHVM extensions development state by using CPP.

http://www.php-cpp.com/ looks like better implementations of these things.

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If you think there are better tools out there that supply better your needs don't hesitate in use them.

However, PHP7 is coming and it will use as always the Zend Engine, current PHP versions will not be replaced from one day to another and I don't think the Zend Engine it's going to be replaced anytime soon in the official PHP. Also Zephir is a friendly language compared to CPP, for instance, memory management is garbage collected in Zephir vs how it is managed in CPP. Most PHP developers lacks on many concepts that a full static language like CPP does have.

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Zephir will take its piece of cake. High performance and fast development.

Local variables could be handle to garbage collection: https://github.com/CopernicaMarketingSoftware/PHP-CPP/blob/master/zend/value.cpp#L310

Stack allocated objects could be removed out of scope automatically by destructor. Heap allocated objects could be removed simply using delete operator by destructor.

Only global variables are risky.

last time i tried to compile PHP-CPP on windows, i failed ..


Long life to Zephir :)