Built with Zephir


I would like to start a thread with extensions built with Zephir. At the beginning, I would like to present my Ice framework.

Feel free to test and add information about your own extension here. This thread could be pinned.


Hi Mariusz what was your motivation to create this new framework?


I really like Phalcon, but I don't like over 50 not reviewed pull requests (you need to check yourself if something has already been fixed and hangs in PR), lots of not closed issues, insistence on backward compatibility, the process of releasing version. I contributed with phalcon 2.0 cphalcon/mruz's pulls and I really like Zephir.

I needed to create a simple and fast app for own use, but I decided to make small framework and make it public. Framework written from scratch, some components work like in Phalcon.

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Beanspeak is the best way to interact with beanstalkd workqueue in PHP. Beanspeak is designed as a C-extension for PHP and aims to be the most complete, stable and fastest solution for PHP world. It's simple, lightweight, and completely specialized for job queueing.

Supported PHP versions: 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7, 7.1