Append multimedia data to extension file

Hi. I am really exited about Zephir functionality. Awesome work. In my current project I need to append some assets data (for example js, css but also fonts) to extension file. It is posible with Zephir build system? It will be extreamly important to share my lib with this data. Of course I will need access to this data from my library or website which will be use it.

Zephir only can export classes and methods, I think you can inline these data and return it from a method.

It is a good idea to create 2 MB class with functions which will return byte data? I would like to avoid this. My second queston is about Zend Egine. It is posible to extend Zephir to provide my demands?

It's real working idea. But!!! this data always will be in memory. Better if u archive this data and append it to class property or will return from class method, like this.

class MyClass{
  public dataArhive = '.............'; // some data data 


class MyClass{
  protected dataArhive = '.............'; // some arhived data

  public function getData(){
    return unarhive(this->dataArhive);

I don't think so, Zend engine does not provide a way to include or serve static files within an extension.

It is posible to extend Zephir to provide my demands?