Use PHP classes in Zephir (Phalcon Models)

I have some models in my Phalcon project. I want to use it in Zephir code.

namespace Somespace;

use Somespace\Auth\Exception;

use \Phalcon\Mvc\User\Component;

class Auth extends Component
    private _User;

    private _options = [];

    public function __construct(array options)
        if (! isset options["userClass"]) {
            throw new Exception("Exception message");

        let this->_options = options;

    public function useModel() {
        var userClass;

        var User;

        let userClass = this->_options["userClass"];

        let User = {userClass}::findFirst(1);

And code in PHP to use it :

$di->set('auth', function () use ($di) {
    $Auth = new \Somespace\Auth(array(
        'userClass'    => '\App\Models\User',


    return $Auth;
}, true);

Is there a more elegant way to do this? Or is it possible to realize the model using Zephir?

And is it possible to automatically set the DI, because the class inherits from \Phalcon\Mvc\User\Component?

Sorry for english.