Are there and or operators?

I have more real encounter with Zephir now. My question seems trivial but are there and or operators for the if statement or do i have to use nested if statements or so.

is correct:
if a=10 and b=10 {
or is this correct:
if a=10 {
   if b=10 {

I am just not sure and would like to know :)

if a=10 && b=10 {



Thank you Dmitry. Actually i could have checked it for myself (i'havent so far, i am inexcused :)) and even did a medium-size class without &&. You can find that's the case on Phalcon forums where i recently posted something in Zephir. So i understand the double "&&" should work. But it seems to me that there were no &&/|| examples in Zephir documentation both on "if" examples and operator topic.

2.0k "Logical operators", first example. :)


I cannot accept answer in Chromium and Firefox

Hey @OpenEX I've fixed this ;)