Numerous bugs on the Zephir website


In my pursuit of benefiting from static typing, I'm having a look at Zephir. It will also allow me to protect my code, should I need to distribute my app someday.

However, I was really surprised to encounter several very obvious bugs on the Zephir website. Maybe it's discussed somewhere else, in that case forgive me and please point me to the existing ticket.

Here are the issues I noted (tested on multiple browsers):

  • Website is slow as hell

    ++ Using jpg instead of png for opaque images would greatly help, or at least use tinypng / tinyjpg website to cut image size in half (especially for the two huge images: background and contributors)

    ++ Using gzip Apache module for plain text content (html, css, js, json, xml, csv, txt), you would divide size by 3

    ++ Packaging all CSS files inside a single one could help too because your TTFB is 250ms (at least for me in France/Europe, because your server is in Phoenix/AZ)

    ++ Serving jquery from a public CDN would help too, because it would be geo-localized and it might even already be in my cache

  • Download button does not work (!!)

  • "A small taste" button does not work

  • "Learn how to install the compiler" ==> 404

  • "Read some of our tutorials" ==> 404

  • When I search "zephir language" on Google, 2 of the first 3 links lead to 404..... (intro.html and motivation.html)

  • In the forum section, the "Preview" tab does not work (nothing happens when I try to click on it)

All this is badly hurting Phalcon/Zephir reputation IMHO. And this is easy to fix. I can also help you do it if you don't have spare time.

Also, last commit on Github is 1 month old. Do you need more C developers? I am not very good at all at C (it dates back to my years in CS school), but I'd glad to help if you think I could, because I strongly believe in the Phalcon/Zephir philosophy and it would be an honour to help it -even slightly- move forward!



Hi, I also noticed that especially the forum is kind of broken and not active since a couple of weeks now. I didn't recognize any bugs on the website until now, but you're right. Use the documentation link on the websites navigation - you'll find all content needed to getting started with Zephir (as the documentation works right now). I believe that the core team is heavy on work since the release of PHP 7 / PHP NG is near and there are many things needed to be implemented to zephir (as the latest state was the idea of the possibility to compile the zephir code with different php/ZE versions). That might be the reason of the inactive forum and broken website - even if that should not be an excuse but it would be a good reason for this at least. I hope that the team is making progress towards the changes in order to get the compiler working with php ng since I'd (and possibly many others out there) love to use the new features of php with zephir and phalconphp (I think at this time there is no reason to actually starting a bigger (non-commercial) project with the use of phalcon and/or zephir without being able to use php 7, but please correct me if I'm wrong).

As for the latest commits there were plenty to the zephir master and other branches on github.


I've noticed the more (maybe much) active branches of Phalcon and Zephir can be found.


Oh, the zephir page has changed, maybe they've been working on it since recently.