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Regex escaping help

Trying to get a regex working to take just the values out of the following:

enum('test', 'test1', 'test(2)', 'test3')

So that the result is something like: 'test', 'test1', 'test(2)', 'test3'

Currently trying to get it with this:


But im having issues trying to get it propery escaped for zephir.

Provide please your code for parsing it. I'm try to help


may be





edited Feb '16

If you literally just want to get what's inside the enum (assuming that's just a string) then why even bother with a regex? Why not just use substr:

let str = "enum('test', 'test1', 'test(2)', 'test3')";
return substr(str, 5, -1);

results in you getting the string:

'test', 'test1', 'test(2)', 'test3'

Sorry never got any notifications until today.

Thanks Andrew, sometimes the most elegant solution is the simplest!!