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Full support for php7 and the best optimization

Hello everyone.

Zephir is an incredible project, it is loved by many people

The Phalcon framework is based on Zephir. So Phalcon depends on Zephir.

We look forward to when Zephir will 100% support php7, also we are waiting for the Zephir will be optimized. Some Zephir's functions are slower than native php (, although Zephir was created to increase the performance of php.

We know you are all busy. But still we are very much looking forward to the full update Zephir.

You could say an approximate date when you will release update with full support for php7 and the best optimization?



Hello @googlle

As you've rightly noted, we all are very busy at the moment.

Zephir and Phalcon projects don't have any sponsors or investors. These projects exist thanks to our enthusiasm and inspiration.

But we are under obligation to our families, and we have regular job. Nobody of us can tell you the exact date of any problem's solution. All problems are solved spontaneously, when we have time and energy

The best way to improve the situation is to start sending PRs. Feel free to send PRs even if you doubt of something. A bad PR is better than nothing. Only he who does nothing never errs. Anyway we can always help you.


Hello Serghei

Thank you for your reply.

Your project is wonderful. I very much hope that you will find sponsors and investments. I wish that your project is developed further and successfully.