Install Zephir in Centos7 with Php7 fails ?

i tried to install this via the given script. however for some reaosn it doesnt work.

  185  git clone
  186  cd zephir
  187  ./install -c
  188  zephir help

ends up with

bash: zephir: command not found

i have installed all the things needed by the script but in the Centos7 enr.

Command ./install -c returns nothing or emtpty why ?????

edited May '17

becouse it wasn't be installed . you should modify the "install" file like this

# Set defaults

# PHPIZE_BIN=$(command -v phpize 2>/dev/null)

# PHPCONFIG_BIN=$(command -v php-config 2>/dev/null)


./install --phpize /usr/local/php7/bin/phpize --php-config /usr/local/php7/bin/php-confi

Have you seen this

I have the same problem! :(

$ PHP 7.2.11-2+ubuntu14.04.1

$ ./install

./install: строка 55: --version: команда не найдена


what can i do ?

first,you must install php_zephir_parser extension.