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Compiling Zephir on Windows

I install Zephir from composer. But is not running becouse is mising, the parser and Exception

I follow this steps from this url And i succefuly copile de parser (phpzephirparser.dll) in Windows 10 x64, with PHP 5.6.23 x64 and VC 11

I am triing to compile de Zephir extension.

But a this time i have this errors :

zephir.c(152) : error C2198: 'zephircompileclass' : too few arguments for call

if (!memcmp(ZSTRVALP(type), "class", strlen("class") + 1)) 
zephircompileclass( context, z ); -----> This 

zephir.c(233) : error C2065: 'zendglobalsid' : undeclared identifier

zendzephirglobals *zephirglobalsptr = ZEPHIRT_VGLOBAL; ---> This

How to solve this problems to build Zephir?

Thank in advance

Could you please open an issue at Zephir repo?

edited Jul '16

I opened issue #1282 in the Zephir repo