Zephir extension locking

I have been using Zephir to build PHP extensions since its very early days. I have now upgraded to PHP7 and tested out Zephir - it works without a hitch. I use Zephir in may different ways but one of my principal uses is to encrypt/decrypt data I put into my database tables.

The one thing I would really like to do is this - deal with digital theft of my compiled extensions by getting them to check something (e.g. the server IP and the checksum on a file or two) prior to letting it run. I can certainly do this as a matter of course prior to executing any code in any of the functions I compile into the extension. However, that would be rather wasteful. Is it not possible to hook in to some sort of "init" method that gets called when the extension is loaded by php7.0-fpm? A brief scan of the documentation does not suggest anything useful. I am hoping that someone here might be able to help.

From what I understand I would need to perform my tests in php_module_startup. Is there a way to use this function from within Zephir?

That's similar to some companies using IonCube loader in order to protect their constructor (it will check domain etc).