Missing installation script file

Starting from version 0.11.3 there is no "install" file in the package. How to install zephir now?


The structure has changes, the install file is missing and the zephir file has changed it is now a PHP script.

I have tried with the following commands

$ composer install
$ ./zephir install

But on the second command I get a bunch of warnings and an error:

[ERROR] Cannot locate interface Psr\Http\Message\MessageInterface when implementing interfaces on                 Test\Integration\Psr\Http\Message\MessageInterfaceEx

Any sugestions on how to install it?

Regards, Hugo.


Correct me if I am wrong, but from the release notes and and the status update (https://blog.phalconphp.com/post/status-update-phalcon-zephir) seems that branch 0.11.x is still experimental?

@VadimRigin, I have installed version 0.10.14 which is just a few days older than latest development version (0.11.8).

Regards, Hugo.